We appreciate it can be difficult selecting the correct office chair. There are so many available to choose from which offer all offer different features that can be confusing.

If you are new to the office furniture world, terms such as lumbar support, seat slide and lever control won’t mean much to you. To help you pick the most ideal chair, we are offering remote display screen equipment (DSE) assessments.

A remote DSE assessment involves either a telephone or video call with a trained ergonomic assessor. They can assess your workstation and make suitable recommendations about which products are best for you. Whether you are working from home or in the office, we can conduct an assessment that reviews your set-up so that we can help you sit comfortably.

With changes to the way people are working, we are seeing an increase in people working from home who are suffering from aches and pains. Sitting at your kitchen table, on the sofa or working from the floor has led to musculoskeletal problems that cause aches and pains.

This problem of course doesn’t stop at those people working from home. Office workers are often have an incorrect workstation set up with people sitting on the wrong chairs, the incorrect height desk or not having the appropriate office accessories such as the ideal mouse and keyboard.

Small tweaks to the way you work can make all the difference which is where our remote assessments come in. Taking out the hassle of meeting in person and remaining Covid-19 complaint, our remote assessments mean that our trained specialists can recommend a solution that works for you all from the comfort of your home or work.

Working comfortably shouldn’t be something that is taken for granted after all, you wouldn’t opt for an uncomfortable sofa or bed. If you’d like to arrange a remote DSE Assessment, simply contact us and a member of our team will be able to assist.