Here at Posture Chairs our aim is to make sure every customer purchases the right office furniture for them. Whether that’s a new office chair, desk, mouse, footrest or keyboard.

With years of experience working the ergonomic world, we know which products will be suitable for different people. A chair that suits yourself at five foot four for example, is probably not the right chair comfort wise for your friend/family member/colleague who is six foot two.

Although all of our ergonomic office chairs are adjustable, there is a still a range of specifications to consider to ensure it is comfortable specifically for you.

With this in mind, we always encourage our customers to reach out and get in touch if they’d like advice about which product is best for them. After a asking a few questions, we will be able to narrow down your search and point you in the right direction for the product that we feel will be most suitable for you – all within your budget.

Supplying a whole host of different chairs from mesh office chairs to bariatric chairs and homeworker office chairs to task chairs, we can help you work comfortably wherever you are.

This month we have selected ten of our top products that we wanted to shine the spotlight on in July.

  1. Pluto Plus Mesh Chair

The Pluto Plus Mesh Chair is ideal for homeworkers. With a fully synchronised mechanism, the seat can be easily configured without compromising the support. The Pluto Plus Mesh Chair has a range of options allowing you to design your chair to maximise comfort whilst working. You can chose between no arms, height adjustable arms and foldaway arms and have a range of colours to chose from, giving you the luxury of styling it with your decor. The Pluto Plus Mesh chair is also 99% recyclable, comes with a seat depth adjustment and a height adjustable ratchet back.

  1. Ergohuman Elite

The Ergohuman Elite is a simple yet outstandingly comfortable office chair that is perfect for any workplace. It’s straightforward single lever control operates the three functions; seat height, seat depth and back tilt. The Ergohuman Elite’s arms are cleverly integrated into the rear of the mechanism to allow closer-to-desk working if needed.

Like the majority of our chairs, the Ergohuman is also available in a range of colours. It comes with dual spring technology, twin pivot control system and an enhanced waterfall front, including much more. You can also add a headrest as an optional extra to this chair.

  1. HAG Capisco

Designed by Flokk, the HAG Capisco is fashioned to provide numerous different ways to sit. Inspired by a horse rider’s posture, the HAG Capisco has a pioneering saddle seat unlike any other office chair you will have seen. You can sit on the Capisco forwards, backwards or sideways – whichever feels most comfortable and it can be adjusted for seating or to be raised higher if you’d prefer to almost stand.

The conception of the HAG Capisco was born out of a want for more dynamic movements when working and this is exactly what it provides. If you find yourself getting fidgety or restless whilst sat at your desk all day, the HAG Capsico could be a great solution for you.

  1. Bariatric Chair

Bariatric office chairs are designed specifically for larger and taller workers. They are manufactured to suit a user who is bigger as the seating is adjusted to suit their frame. At Posture chairs, we provide two Bariatric Chairs, the Fusion Chair and the Adapt 700.

The Fusion Chair has a weight capacity of up to thirty stone and has an ergonomically shaped cut foam seat back which is supported by multi-functional mechanisms providing comfort and adjustability.

The Adapt 700 Chair is also a great option if looking for a bariatric chair. It is a comfortable solution for larger users weighing up to 40 stone and comes complete with a sculpted memory foam seat, inflatable lumbar support, seat slide function and independent back and seat angle adjustments.

  1. Orthopaedica Chair

Delivering only the best when it comes to comfort and postural support, the Orthopaedica Homeworker Chair is ideal when looking for comfort when working. With the independent adjustment of the seat and back, you can achieve your personal level of comfort, making the chair uniquely adjusted to your preferences. Arriving with an inflatable lumbar and seat depth adjustment, this chair has everything you need to ensure you can comfortably work.

  1. IT300 Chair

The IT300 chair is ergonomically designed and anatomically correct. From the Intro range, the IT300 chair offers an affordable solution to comfortable seating for petite, regular and larger users.

A range of backrests allow you to select the optimum fit for the size and shape of each user and a variety of optional extras can be added to the chair meaning you can tailor it to suit you. Chose to add an airflow seat cell, coccyx cut out, inflatable lumbar support, performance foam or seat slide to make this chair truly unique and comfortable for you.

  1. Cantilever Desk

Throwing a desk into the mix, our Cantilever Desk is a firm favourite amongst customers whether they are looking for a new office desk for their workplace or home. The Cantilever Desk comes with levelling feet, a structural modesty panel and 25mm MFC rectangular top. You can pick between three colour; white, winter or or oak so you have a desk that best suits your office aesthetics.

  1. RH Logic Chair

The RH Logic Chair range is one of the most popular office chairs on the market. There are two options, the RH Logic 300 and the RH Logic 400. Both chairs are designed in the exact same way however, the RH Logic 400 has a taller backrest so is ideal for a taller user.

Manufactured with comfort in mind, the RH Logic chairs encourage active sitting so that you can perform better when working. There are a wide range of colours to chose from and optional extras including a neckrest and cassette, lumbar pump, coccyx seat and memory foam.

  1. HAG Futu

Another brilliantly comfortable chair manufactured by Flokk, the HAG Futu 1100S and HAG Futu 1200 are designed with comfort in mind. The HAG Futu 100S boasts a stylish design combined with trend setting technology. It has a breathable, transparent backrest which keeps your back cool thanks to constant ventilation. Featuring the latest in HAG in Balance movement mechanism, it keeps you in a continuous balanced movement and has the option to add a fully functional lumbar support as well as height and width-adjustable armrests.

The same can be said for the HAG Futu 1200S with the only difference being the back rest. The 1200S has a solid backrest which provides extra support as well as an adjustable lumbar which is integrated into the back.

  1. RH Mereo

The RH Mereo is another market leading office chair that is designed with ergonomics in mind. The perfect fit for anyone, the RH Mereo has ergonomic features including intuitive handles and a clean shape making it comfortable any any user regardless of size or shape. The RH Mereo 220 has a large curved back for additional comfort and comes as standard with castors meaning it is ideal for soft floors.

Providing a scope of office chairs as you can see, at Posture Chairs we want to ensure you can always work comfortably. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions when it comes to picking the right office chair for you.