Everyone’s body is different, so it is important to understand that everyone will have different and specific needs when it comes to sitting down. Getting the right seating will prevent or improve musculoskeletal issues and back and neck pain. Having an ergonomic chair that can adjust in various ways will ensure the health and comfort of an individual, and also the creativity and productivity of the individual at work.

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs are made to meet a number of different requirements. This includes, being able to adjust a chairs height, depth, back support and neck support. Getting this right will relieve some of the stress and pressure that can be put onto your bones and ligaments.

Ergonomic Chair options:

Flo Chair

Flo is designed for maximum fit with minimum fuss and uncomplicated set up. With its market leading index system for individual accurate set up and wide range of travel adjustment features the chair is ideal for shared workstations.

The Flo outperforms other chairs for use with small and taller users and with new contouring on the seat and a new flat ergonomic base and extended gas lift, the Flo ensures the widest range of users can work more productively.

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Performance Posture

Performance Posture features a heavy duty mechanism, where each movement can be adjusted easily with the ergonomically designed controls for maximum comfort and optimal posture. The contoured seat and back cushions support the body, keep the pelvis straight and encourage the spine to assume its natural double S Shape.

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The Mirus chair boasts the ingeniously simple single lever control which operates the three most frequently used chair functions – seat height, seat depth and back tilt can all be operated from a single point of contact.

The design concept of the Mirus chair also incorporates a multi-directional interactive neck roll which can help to relax tired neck and shoulder muscles.

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